Uporabimo ga lahko na vseh površinah. Enostaven za uporabo. Odstranjevalec oljnih madežev odstrani vse madeže na vseh površinah, kot so asfalt, klinker in beton.


Uporabno za odstranjevanje umazanije s tal v delavnicah. Uporablja se lahko na vseh vpojnih in gladkih površinah, kot so beton, asfalt, keramika itd.


Кат бр : 3315

Употреба : Shake aerosol can well before use. Spray on the contaminated surfaces from a distance of around 20 cm and allow it to act for approx. 20-30 minutes. Remove residues after the product has dried. Repeat the process if necessary. Use for oil loss analysis: Clean the engine and allow it to dry. Then spray Oil Spot Remover on the contact surfaces of the engine and allow to dry. It becomes discolored where there is a leak.

Пакување : 400 ml