enota za intenzivno čistilno napravo s sistemom za gorivo (Kataloška št. 5152/5151) pri Diesel-System Cleaner sredstvu za čišćenje (Kataloška št. 5154/5155)). Komora iz nerjavečega jekla s prostornino 5 litrov čistilnega sredtsva. Vključen tudi nastavitveni adapter.

Za profesionalno čiščenje in vzdrževanje bencinskih in dizelskih škropilnih sistemiv.



Кат бр 5118
Употреба Connect the device to the vehicle according to the vehicle type and injection system. Pour at least 2 l of the corresponding Pro-Line JetClean cleaning fluid for gasoline or diesel vehicles into the tank of the device. Clean the tank with Pro-Line JetClean Fuel Tank Cleaner (Part no. 5137) before changing the cleaning fluid from gasoline to diesel or vice versa. Depending on the vehicle, charge the device tank with the system pressure required for cleaning. The pressure can be controlled either manually using the hand pump or through the compressed air system with the aid of the compressed air connection provided. Open the ball valve located on the hoses according to the connection and vehicle type and start the engine. Leave the vehicle to idle for about 10 minutes in order to allow the dirt in the injection system and at the intake valves to soak into the fluid. Then run the engine at higher speed (2,000-3,000 rpm) and depress the throttle fully for a short while every so often. The pressure fluctuations this causes will help to remove stubborn dirt. The cleaning process takes about 30-45 minutes, depending on the level of contamination. Then return the vehicle to its original condition, check for leaks and carry out a test drive of at least 10 km.
Note: Make sure when attaching and removing the device to and from the vehicle that the fuel and the cleaning fluid do not ignite on heat sources and that the lines of the device are not in direct contact with any heat sources such as the exhaust system during cleaning.
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